Advertising Rates

Classified Advertising

Classified Display Ads: $8.55 one time, per column inch
Classified Line Ads: $5 minimum (up to 10 words); 25 cents per word after 10.
Card of Thanks: $5 minimum (buys 20 words); 25 cents per word after 20.
Blind Ad Service: Ad plus $3, postage additional

All classified ads must be pre-paid.

All classified ads must be submitted by 10 a.m. on Monday (for Tuesday editions) and 10 a.m. Thursday (for Friday editions).

For classified inquiries, contact Abby Strawder at (620) 364-5325 ext. 101, e-mail or fax (620) 364-2607

Display Rates

Local Retail Rate: Base Rate - $8.20 per column inch
Repeat Rate: $5.05 per column inch
Combo Rate: $13.10 per column inch (Osage County Herald-Chronicle) Combo rate allows placement of the same ad in The Osage Herald-Chronicle, reaching an additional 8,750 readers.

Non-Profit Rate: $6.68 per column inch
Organizations maintaining a non-profit status (as defined by Internal Revenue Service) may earn a special non-profit organization rate of $6.00 flat rate per column inch.

Additional ColorBlack is provided with any ad placement. Color is chosen by first advertiser ordering.
Black + one color - $125
Full color - $150*
*Ask us about special discounts.

Pre-Printed Insert Rates
Maximum finished size no greater than 12 x 11 .

Cards up to 7.5 x 11.5 - 9 cents per piece
4-12 page tab - 9 cents per piece
Over 2 ounces - 10 cents per piece

Deliver pre-prints to: The Coffey County Republican, 324 Hudson Street, Burlington, KS 66839. Our loading dock is open M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Deadline is three business days prior to insertion. Full run plus spoilage is 2,500.

Closing Schedule (Deadlines)

Display Advertising
Tuesday edition - noon Friday
Friday edition - noon Wednesday

Billing Information

All advertising is paid cash with order unless previous credit is established. Accounts 30 days past due charged 1.5% per month interest, or 18% annually. Co-op advertising services available.

Column Widths
1 Column 1.812 (10p10.5)
2 Columns 3.75 (22p6)
3 Columns 5.687 (34p1.5)
4 Columns 7.625 (45p9)
5 Columns 9.548 (57p4.5)
6 Columns 11.5 (69p)
Special Sections
Agriculture Page - Third Tuesday of the month.
Chamber of Commerce Page - Second Friday of every month
Devotional Page - Every Friday
Real Estate Page - Third Friday of every month
Political Advertising
Political Advertising must be prepaid. As required by law, the words Paid Political Advertisement followed by the name of the chairman/treasurer of the political campaign, individual or other organization who is paying for the advertisement, must appear as a separate line on the ad. News-style advertising must carry the word Advertisement on the ad.
Proofs available to advertiser upon request. No proofs on ads received after deadline. Responsibility of correct copy and prices becomes that of the advertiser.
The Republican assumes no responsibility for mechanical errors for more than the advertising cost of the part or parts of the advertisement in error. Corrections will be run at no charge for that part in error only.
For display advertising inquiries, contact
Cassie Dover at (620) 364-5325 ext. 108
or Alyssa Hughes at (620) 364-5325 ext. 102.
E-mail or fax (620) 364-2607.
The Coffey County Republican reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.
The Coffey County Republican
324 Hudson Burlington, Coffey County, KS 66839
Drawer A, Burlington, Ks 66839
Phone: (620) 364-5325
Fax (620) 364-2607
FAX (620) 364-2607